BS ISO 50009:2021 pdf download

BS ISO 50009:2021 pdf download.Energy flagemt systems — Guidance IUI plemeh1tm a common energy flagemt system in multiple organizations.
ISO 50001 has been developed to enable a single organization to establish the systems and processes necessary to continually improve energy performance. In some situations, better energy management results are accomplished when several organizations work together to manage their energy collectively by forming an energy management group (EnMG). These situations can be driven by changes in technology and the spread of distributed energy resources.
EnMGs can include organizations which:
— operate in a geographical region, such as a city, district or a single industrial park;
— are in a single sector, such as food processing, rail transportation or universities;
— share a com mon customer (supply chain members), such as a supermarket chain or car manufacturer;
— are served by a common service supplier, such as a building landlord in a shopping mall;
— share one utility system (steam, electricity, etc.);
— form part of a franchise group, which can have (but does not need to have) a common supplier, such as a franchised fast food chain (with common supplier), or independent retail stores that operate
BS ISO 50009 gives guidelines for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving a common energy management system (EnMS) for multiple organizations.
BS ISO 50009 follows the general structure used in ISO 50001:2018.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms
For the purposes of BS ISO 50009, the following terms and definitions apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
EXAMPLE 2 In a common EnMS covering the supply chain for an electronics assembly plant, the scope includes energy used in transporting components or semi-finished goods between the constituent organizations, but excludes transport energy used by them for other purposes.
EXAMPLE 3 In an EnMS covering the supply chain for an automobile assembly plant, part of the supply chain is a facility that produces air conditioners for cars, trucks and railway vehicles. The scope includes the energy used to construct automobile air conditioners but not the other types of air conditioners.
EXAMPLE 4 A real estate company is establishing a common EnMS for its building tenants, who form the constituent organizations. The tenants have no control over the central HVAC system. In this case, each constituent organization’s scope could be very limited, such as allowing permission for the real estate company to use its energy consumption data for statistical purposes to track a group En P1.
The EnMC’s activities should include:
a) establishing the objectives and energy targets relevant to the EnMG;
b) setting investment recommendations or operational guidance for the energy performance improvement of energy supply facilities and energy consuming equipment that are used by more than one constituent organization;
c) determining common information and resources required;
d) determining the structure and the members of staff who set up the objectives and energy targets under the En MC;
e) agreeing with each constituent organization on the department(s) or personnel responsible for implementation in that constituent organization;
1) understanding the energy performance improvement effects of both the EnMG and each constituent organization, and evaluating these results;
g) making an action plan for the EnMG, taking into account the action plans (if any) of each constituent.BS-ISO-50009-2021

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