ISO 911:1977 pdf download

ISO 911:1977 pdf download.Sulphuric acid for industrial use Evaluation of sulphuric acid concentration by measurement of density.
ISO 911 specifies a method for the approximate evaluation of sulphuric acid (H2S04) concentration of sulphuric acid for industrial use, by measurement of density.
Determination of the density at 20 °C by means of a hydrometer. Evaluation of the corresponding sulphuric acid (H2S04) concentration.
Ordinary laboratory apparatus and
3.1 Hydrometer, graduated in 0,005 g/ml, calibrated at 20 °C (see ISO/R 649).
3.2 Glass test tube, of capacity at least 500 ml, of diameter at least 25 mm greater than that of the
Plunge in the hydrometer (3.1) and, as soon as static equilibrium has been reached, verify again that the temper ature of the acid is 20 ± 0,5 vC. Read the density indicated on the hydrometer scale.
4.2 Evaluation of sulphuric acid (H2S04) concentration
Read from the table the concentration corresponding to the density indicated on the hydrometer.
State the density read on the hydrometer. expressed in grams per millilitre and the corresponding sulphuiic acid (H2S04) concentration obtained from the table.
The test report shall include the following particulars :
a) the reference of the method used;
b) the results and the method of expression used;
c) any unusual features note durinq the deter mination;
d) any operation not included in ISO 911 or regarded as optional.
ISO 910
ISO 911— ISO 912— ISO 913 — ISO 914 — ISO/R 915
ISO 2363 — ISO 2717— ISO 2877 — Iso 2899 — Iso 3423 — ISO 5792 —
Determination of total acidity, and calculation of free sulphur trioxide content of oleum — Titrimetric method.
Evaluation of sulphuric acid concentration by measurement of density.
Determination of sulphur dioxide content — Barium sulphate gravimetric method.
Determination of ash — Gravimetric method.
Determination of total nitrogen content — Titrimetric method after distillation.
— Determination of iron content — 2,2’Bipyridyl spectrophotometric method.
Determination of oxides of nitrogen — 2,4-Xylenol spectrophotometric method.
Determination of lead content — Dithizone photometric method.
Determination of chlorides content — Potentiometric method.
Determination of ammoniacal nitrogen content — Spectrophotometric method.
Determination of sulphur dioxide content — lodometric method.
Determination of arsenic content — Silver diethyldithiocarbamate photometric method.ISO-911-1977

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