BS EN 1501-5:2021 pdf download

BS EN 1501-5:2021 pdf download.Refuse collection vehicles – General requirements and safety requirements.
BS EN 1501-5 is a type-C standard as stated in EN ISO 12100:2010.
BS EN 1501-5 is of relevance, in particular, for the following stakeholder groups representing the market players with regard to machinery safety:
— machine manufacturers (small, medium and large enterprises);
— health and safety bodies (regulators, accident prevention organizations, market surveillance etc.).
Others can be affected by the level of machinery safety achieved with the means of the document by the above-mentioned stakeholder groups:
— machine users/employers (small, medium and large enterprises);
— machine users/employees (e.g. trade unions, organizations for people with special needs);
— service providers, e.g. for maintenance (small, medium and large enterprises);
— consumers (in case of machinery intended for use by consumers.
— the documents developed for mobile refuse containers according to EN 840:2020 (all parts), for stationary refuse containers according to EN 12574:2017 (all parts) and for selective collection containers according to EN 13071:2019 (all parts) which are compatible with the lifting devices specified in this European Standard.
While producing BS EN 1501-5 it was assumed that:
— for RCV the requirements of road traffic regulations apply. Where road traffic regulations are in conflict with the provisions of this standard, the road regulations have priority;
— due to the European regulations on the approval of vehicles for use on public roads, the requirements of UN/ECE R10:2019 for an RCV with regard to EMC applies. Therefore, EMC is not further considered in this standard;
— the guidelines issued by the chassis manufacturer have been taken into account;
— the guidelines of the lifting device manufacturer have been taken into account;
BS EN 1501-5 deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to lifting devices used for the emptying of designated refuse containers into RCVs and their fitting onto the RCVs when they are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer throughout their foreseeable lifetime as defined in Clause 4.
BS EN 1501-5 is applicable to the design and construction of the refuse container lifting devices and the mounting of other lifting devices so as to ensure that they are fItted for their function and can be operated, adjusted and maintained during their entire lifetime. It is not applicable to the end of life of the lifting devices.
BS EN 1501-5 describes and gives the safety requirements of the lifting devices for emptying refuse containers and their interfaces with the corresponding parts of the RCVs and will be used in conjunction with EN 1501-1:2021 for the rear, side and front loaded RCVs. It refers to EN 1501-4:2007 for the noise test code.
This document is not applicable to:
— operation in severe conditions e.g. extreme environmental conditions such as.BS-EN-1501-5-2021

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