BS EN 16147:2017 pdf download

BS EN 16147:2017 pdf download.Heat pum with electrically driven compressors Testing, performance rating and requirements for marking of domestic hot water units.
BS EN 16147 specifies methods for testing, rating of performance and calculation of water heating energy efficiency of air/water, brine/water, water/water and direct exchange/water heat pump water heaters and heat pump combination heaters with electrically driven compressors and connected to or including a domestic hot water storage tank for domestic hot water production.
BS EN 16147 comprises only the testing procedure for the domestic hot water production of the heat pump system.
NOTE 1 Testing procedures for simultaneous operation for domestic hot water production and space heating are not treated in BS EN 16147. Simultaneous means that domestic hot water production and space heating generation occur at the same time and may interact.
NOTE 2 For heat pump combination heaters the seasonal efficiency of space heating is determined according to
EN 14825.
This European Standard only applies to water heaters which are supplied in a package of heat pump and storage tank. In the case of water heaters consisting of several parts with refrigerant connections, this European Standard applies only to those designed and supplied as a complete package.
BS EN 16147 does not specify requirements of the quality of the used water.
ratio between the useful energy (in domestic hot water) provided by a water heater and the energy required for its generation
load profile
given sequence of water draw-offs
water draw-off
given combination of useful water flow rate, useful water temperature, useful energy content and peak temperature
Any direct heat radiation (e.g. solar radiation) onto heating units in the test room onto the heat pump or onto the temperature measuring points shall be avoided.
5.3 Installation and connection of the heat pump
The heat pump shall be installed and connected for the test as recommended by the manufacturer in his installation and operation manual. The accessories provided by option (for example heating element) are not included in the test.
Temperature and pressure measuring points shall be arranged in order to obtain significant mean values.
5.4 Installation of heat pumps consisting of several parts
In the case of heat pumps consisting of several refrigeration parts (split heat pumps) the following installation conditions shall be complied with for the tests:
a) each refrigerant line shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; the length of each line shall be between 5 m and 7,5 m.BS-EN-16147-2017

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