BS EN 558:2017 pdf download

BS EN 558:2017 pdf download.I n d u stri a I va Ives Face-to-face and centre-to-face dimensions of metal valves for use in flanged pipe systems PN and Class designated valves.
The basic series given in BS EN 558 are taken from the original series shown in Annex A. Changes made to the original series will not be automatically incorporated into BS EN 558.
The numbers of the existing ISO basic series are maintained as in ISO 5752:1982.
BS EN 558 specifies the “face—to-face” (FTF) and “centre-to-face” (CTF) dimensions for PN and Class designated metal valves used in flanged pipe systems.
BS EN 558 covers valves with the following PN, Class and DN values:
— PN 2,5; PN 6; PN 10; PN 16; PN 25; PN 40; PN 63; PN 100; PN 160; PN 250; PN 320; PN 400;
— Class 125; Class 150; Class 250; Class 300; Class 600; Class 900; Class 1 500; Class 2 500;
— DN 10; DN 15; DN 20; DN 25; DN 32; DN 40; DN 50; DN 65; DN 80; DN 100; DN 125; DN 150; DN 200; DN 250; DN 300; DN 350; DN 400; DN 450; DN 500; DN 600; DN 700; DN 750; DN 800; DN 900; DN 1 000; DN 1050; DN 1 200; DN 1 400; DN 1 600; DN 1 800; DN 2 000.
For valves in other shell materials than metal the same FTF and CTF dimensions may be used. For relationship between DN and NPS see Annex B.
The FTF and CTF dimensions shall be in accordance with Figures 1 to 4 and Table 2.
For each type of valve, the basic series to be taken into consideration are given in Table 5 to Table 16.
NOTE 1 Table 2 gives complete series. In Table 5 to Table 16, the columns of series may be incomplete.
NOTE 2 For certain sizes/types of valves, alternative dimensions are permitted and these are specified in Table 5 to Table 16 as appropriate.
NOTE 3 The origin of the basic series is shown in Annex A (informative).
4.2.2 Class designated valves with ring joint flanges
For Class designated valves with ring joint flanges, the FTF or CTF dimensions given in Table 2 shall be increased by x as defined in Table 1 and Figure 5.
If this is the case, the manufacturer shall indicate the deviation from the standardized FTF or CTF dimensions in his documentation.
4.2.4 Raised face flanges
The raised face dimensions shall be in accordance with the applicable flange standard.
4.3 Tolerances
Tolerances on FTF and CTF dimensions are given in Table 3. Both tolerances shall be fulfilled.
End flange seating surfaces shall be parallel or perpendicular. Tolerances “c” on the parallelism or perpendicularity as shown in Figure 6 are given in Table 4.BS-EN-558-2017

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