BS ISO 21885:2019 pdf download

BS ISO 21885:2019 pdf download.Ships and marine technology Testing specification for stairsteps using electrical resistance trace heating.
BS ISO 21885 specifies a test method to assess the performance of stairsteps using electrical resistance trace heating to provide anti-icing in low temperature environments, when installed for exterior applications. It includes requirements for the test facility, the test conditions, the test specimens, the test procedures and the test report.
Construction and materials
Stairsteps should be designed and constructed using materials that withstand the foreseeable conditions of use. In particular, at least the following details shall be considered:
a) dimensioning and selection of components (including fixings, connections, supports and foundations) shall ensure sufficient rigidity anti stability;
b) all parts shall be resistant to environmental effects (such as due to climate, chemical agents, corrosive gases) e.g. by the use of a corrosion resistant material or with the aid of a suitable protective coating;
c) heated stairsteps that contain heat tracing and are installed in hazardous areas shall comply to
IEC/IEEE 60079-30-1 and IEC/IEEE 60079-30-2.
NOTE Material selection can be covered in statutory requirements of the national/local authorities and/or IACS requirements for the intended applications.
5 Test method
5.1 Test purpose
The purpose of the test is to evaluate whether or not the heated equipment is capable of preventing the formation of ice and can operate (function) properly when subjected to low temperature operating conditions.
5.2 Test facility requirements
a) The test facility shall have the ability to maintain the specified temperature within the permissible range indicated in 53.2, in the available volume.
b) The wind generated by the refrigerating machine installed inside the cold chamber shall not affect the specinwn.
c) A wind speed control system installed inside the cold chamber shall allow to generate a wind at constant speed.
NOTE A test specimen installation method will be given with each equipment.BS ISO 21885-2019

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