IEC 60068-2-61:1991 pdf download

IEC 60068-2-61:1991 pdf download.Environmental testing Part 2 : Test methods Test ZABDM : Climatic sequence.
The value of a sequence of climatic tests, particularly for the testing of components. has been witnessed by the Inclusion of a ‘climatic sequence’ in lEO 68-1 (see clause 7 with guidance in annex B).
With the increasing Importance of the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ) It has become necessary to define the test sequence more precisely than could be done in clause 7 of IEC 68-1 with the object of providing for satisfactory reproducibility of the test.
IEC 60068-2-61 describes in detail a composite test specifying a ‘climatic sequence’ for specimens of products, primarily components, that is based on dause 7 of lEG 68-1, and it includes guidance in informative annexes for specification writers and those performing the test.
NOTE – Test ZIABDM is a composite test as defined in IEC 68-1 rather than a s.quence’ as defined in the same standard. Because of the well-established use of sequence In references to clause 7 of IEC 68-1 It has been decided that sequence should continue to be used In referring to the operations In this composit. test.
IEC 60068-2-61 provides standard composite test methods for determining the suitability of a specimen when subjected to environmental conditions consisting of a sequence of temperature, humidity and, where required, low air pressure environmental stresses.
The order of application of the stresses and conditions for the change from one step to the next have been chosen to accelerate and amplify degradation mechanisms of the same type as those observed under natural climatic conditions.
NOTE — Environmental conditions occurring in nature are classified in IEC 72 1-2 and IEC 721.3.
IEC 60068-2-61 may be applied to other electrotechnical products when the degradation mechanisms are the same and the specified requirements for testing can be satisfied. In other cases, it may form a basis for the writing of a similar test.
The severity Is defined by the temperature of the dry heat test (4.1 of lEG 68-2-2), the temperature of the cold test (4.1 of IEC 68-2-1), the air pressure and the duration of exposure, lithe optional ‘low air pressure’ step Is required (clause 4 In lEG 68-2-13), and finally, the number of damp heat cycles according to 8.2.5 of IEC 60068-2-61.
6 Pre-condltloning
Unless otherwise prescribed by the relevant specification, pre-condltioning is required. The duration of preconditioning shall be at least I h under standard atmospheric conditions for testing.IEC-60068-2-61-1991

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