IEC 60072-1:1991 pdf download

IEC 60072-1:1991 pdf download.Dimensions and output series for rotating electrical machines Part 1: Frame numbers 56 to 400 and flange numbers 55 to 1080.
1. Scope
This part of IEC 72 covers the majority of rotating electrical machines for industrial purposes within the dimension range:
mounted: shaft•heights: 56 mm to 400 mm
mounted: — pitch circle diameter of flange: 55 mm to 1080 mm
It gives tables of fixing dimensions, shaft extension dimensions and output powers. Maximum permissible torques for continuous duty on a.c. motors are listed for various shaft diameters.
NOTE — The dimensions for machine: with shaft heights 355 mm and 400 mm, given in this standard, are included among the values given in LEC 72-2.
Foot-mounted machines may be designated by the frame number followed immediately by the diameter of the shaft extension.
Examples: 112 M 28
Flange-mounted machines may be of three different designs:
— Flange with free holes (clearances holes), denoted: FF flange;
— Flange with tapped holes and with spigot diameter Nsmaller than the pitch circle diameter of the fixing holes lvi, denoted: Fl’ flange;
— Flange with tapped holes and with spigot diameter Ngreater than the pitch circle diameter of the fixing holes AL denoted: Fl flange.
These symbols shall form part of the respective flange numbers. Machines having only flange mounting may be designated by the diameter of the shaft extension immediately followed by the letters FF, FT or Fl and the flange number.
Examples: with free holes: 28 FF215
with tapped holes: 28 FT 165
or 28 Fl 165 as applied
8.3.2 Conceniriciry of spigot and shaft
Fix the indicator rigidly on the shatl extension, by means of a device similar to that shown in the figure. at a distance of about 10 mm from the mounting face of the flange. Read the maximum and minimum values on the indicator through one slow revolution of the shaft.
The difference betwen the extreme readings of the concentricity test indicator shall not exceed the values given in table 6.
It is recommended that the test be carried out on the machine set up with shall vertical so as to make the measurement free from the effect of gravity.
This annex is a guide for the selection of dimensions and should be considered as a guide for future designs. It has the status ofa report and does not replace nor interfere with IEC 72-1 and 72-2 which apply within the strict limits of their scopes.
References planes and symbols for mounting dimensions of rotating electrical machines are given in annex B
General requirements on tolerances and limit values of these dimensions are given in annex C.IEC-60072-1-1991

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