ISO 10005:2018 pdf download

ISO 10005:2018 pdf download.Quality management – Guidelines for lity plans qualit.
ISO 10005 was prepared to address the need for guidance on quality plans, either in the context of an established quality management system or as an independent management activity. In either case, quality plans provide a means of relating specific requirements of the process, product, service, project or contract to work methods and practices. Quality plans are most effective when they are compatible with other associated plans. The guidance in ISO 10005 can also be used where quality plans are integrated with other management plans or quality management systems.
Benefits of establishing a quality plan include increased confidence that requirements will be met, greater assurance that processes are in control and the motivation it can give to those involved. It might also give insight into opportunities for innovation and improvement.
The guidance on quality plans in ISO 10005 is based on the quality management principles described in Iso 9000 and the concepts used in ISO 9001 for the establishment of quality management systems. Clause 6, which describes the typical contents of a quality plan, includes guidance to applying relevant ISO 9001 requirements. The guidance is limited to quality plans and does not replace guidance given in ISO 9000 on quality management concepts or ISO/TS 9002 on the application of ISO 9001 requirements within an organization.
ISO 10005 does not replace the guidance given in industry-specific documented information. Where quality plans are required for project applications, the guidance provided in ISO 10005 is intended to be complementary to the guidance provided in ISO 10006. Some terms used in this document have
ISO 10005 gives guidelines for establishing, reviewing, accepting, applying and revising quality plans. ISO 10005 is applicable to quality plans for any intended output, whether a process, product, service, project or contract, and any type or size of organization.
It is applicable whether or not the organization has a management system in conformity with ISO 9001. ISO 10005 provides guidance and does not specify requirements.
It is focused primarily on the provision of outputs and is not a guide to the planning of quality management system development.
NOTE To avoid undue repetition of “process, product, service, project or contract”, ISO 10005 uses the term “specific case”.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
4.1 Introduction
A quality plan describes how an organization will provide an intended output, whether that output is a process, product, service, project or contract (termed the “specific case” in ISO 10005).
Quality plans are developed where they are considered necessary to meet needs and expectations related to a specific case.
Where the organization has an established management system, quality plans might be necessary if requested by a customer or considered useful for other reasons. On the other hand, where no established management system exists, quality plans can provide a framework for meeting the requirements of the specific case. They can also assist the organization to develop its own management system and its processes.
The organization should decide where there is need for quality plans. There are a number of situations where quality plans can be useful or necessary, for example:
a) to show how the organization’s quality management system applies to a specific case;
b) to meet customer, other interested parties or the organization’s own requirements.ISO-10005-2018

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