ISO 8044:2020 pdf download

ISO 8044:2020 pdf download.Corrosion of metals and alloys Vocabula.
The definitions in this document have been drawn up with the objective of achieving a proper balance between precision and simplicity. The main objective of this document is to provide definitions that can be understood to have the same meaning by all concerned. Some corrosion terms in present use have developed through common usage and are not always logical. It has not, therefore, been possible to define certain terms in the form they are used in some countries. Because of the occasional conflicts between tradition and logic, some definitions inevitably represent a compromise.
An example of this kind of conflict is the term “corrosion”. This has been used to mean the process, results of the process and damage caused by the process. In ISO 8044, corrosion is understood to mean the process. Any detectable result of corrosion in any part of a corrosion system is termed “corrosion effect”. The term “corrosion damage” covers any impairment of the function of the technical system of which the metal and the environment form a part. Consequently, the term “corrosion protection” implies that the important thing is to avoid corrosion damage rather than to prevent corrosion, which in many cases is impossible and sometimes not necessary.
1 Scope
ISO 8044 defines terms relating to corrosion that are widely used in modern science and technology. In addition, some definitions are supplemented with short explanations.
NOTE 1 Throughout the document, IUPAC rules for electrode potential signs are applied. The term “metal” is also used to include alloys and other metallic materials.
NOTE 2 Terms and definitions related to the inorganic surface treatment of metals are given in ISO 2080.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
atmospheric corrosion
corrosion (11) with the earth’s atmosphere at ambient temperature as the corrosive environment (3.3)
marine corrosion
corrosion (11) with sea water as the main agent of the corrosive environment (3.3)
Note 1 to entry: This definition includes both immersed and splash zone conditions.
underground corrosion
corrosion (3d) of buried metals, soil being the corrosive environment (3.3)
Note 1 to entry: The term soil includes not only the naturally occurring material but also any other material, such as ballast and backfill, used to cover a structure.
bacterial corrosion
mnicrobiologically influenced corrosion (4.37) due to the action of bacteria.ISO-8044-2020

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