BS EN-1790:1998 pdf download

BS EN-1790:1998 pdf download.Road marking materials – Preformed road markings.
A particular category of road marking materials, used for horizontal signalization, are preformed, i.e. manufactured products in sheet form, ready for use on the road. They can be applied by means of adhesives, pressure or heat, with or without use of a Primer. Preformed road marking materials can be linear, in pieces of a certain length or in rolls. They can also be cut out in the form of symbols or signs or parts of them, making it possible to assemble them on the road to achieve the desired shape.
Most preformed road markings are white or yellow, but in special cases other colours are used. Preformed road marking materials can be designed for use as permanent or temporary road markings. When they are used for temporary road markings, and have to be removed afterwards, the specific property of “removability” can be required.
a preformed road marking, capable of adapting itself to the texture of the substrate, which may be precoated
with pressure-sensitive adhesive, capable of being stuck to the substrate without heating the material. Photometric, colorimetric and skid resistance characteristics are not significantly modified during application
preformed cold plastic road marking
a preformed road marking made of cold plastic
marking material as defined in prEN 1871, applied to
r the substrate with the use of an adhesive. Photometric. colorirnetric and skid resistance characteristics are not significantly modified during application
preformed thermoplastic road marking
5.2 Laboratory test methods
Samples prepared as described in 5.1, shall be tested as follows.
The test methods described in EN 1436 shall be used to determine the following:
—the x,y chromaticity co-ordinates;
—the luminance coefficient under diffuse ilhuriination
(Qd) or the luminance factor (/1);
—the coefficient of retroreflected luminance R1j;
-the skid resistance (SRT).
The samples used for the skid resistance testing shall not be used for further testing.
The test metliods described in prEN 1871 for the cold plastics or the thermoplastic materials shall be used to determine the corresponding characteristics of the preformed materials.
For tapes, the test method described in prEN 1871 shall.BS-EN-1790-1998

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