BS EN-1942:1996 pdf download

BS EN-1942:1996 pdf download.Self adhesive tapes Measurement of thickness.
1 Scope
BS EN-1942 specifies a method to nieasure the total thickness of both the backing and adhesive layer comprising an adhesive tape.
The thickness is a useful factor iii defining an adhesiw tape and checking its uniformity. It is used in the determination of physical and electrical propeities.
Since the width of adhesive tape shall be greater than the diameter of the pressure foot on the micrometer, and as this can be up to 12 mm, the method is therefore not strictly applicable to adhesive tapes ha’ing a width less than the diameter of the foot.
Nevertheless, this method can be applied to adhesive tapes of width less than the diameter of the circular foot on the micrometer. However, in this case, the value obtained can only be approximate.
4 Materials
Appropriate cleaning solvent.
5 Apparatus
Micrometer with a flat circular pressure foot of clianieter between 8 nun and 12 nun, and a platform considerably larger than the foot. The pressure exerted by the foot on to the platform shall range from 50 kPa to 70 kPa.
The micrometer used shall be sensitive to 2 urn and have a graduation adapted to this sensitivity
Place the test piece between the pressure ft)ot and the platform of the micrometer, with the adhesive Si(le facing downward and in contact with the platform. Take care not to elitral) air l)tlbbles. Lower the foot gently on to the surface of the wlliesive ta)e afl(l take the readrng on the dial or vernier within two secon(Ls. Make nwasurenwnts at two points on each of the five t(St I)i(’CeS taken from the roll.
Between each test, carefully clean the pressure foot using a suitaI)le solvent, then reset the apparatus and cheek the zero before each operation.
8 Expression of results
Take as the thickness the arithmetic mean (average) of the ten measurements made. Express this in micrometres to the nearest niicroiuetre.
9 Test report
The test report shall include the following information:
a) a reference to BS EN-1942; h) all information necessaiy to identify the test sample;
c) the (late of the test;
d) the results obtained;
e) any operation not specified in BS EN-1942 which can influence the results.BS-EN-1942-1996

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