BS ISO 20189:2018 pdf download

BS ISO 20189:2018 pdf download.Acoustics Screens, furniture and single objects intended for interior use Rating of sound absorption and sound reduction of elements based on laboratory measurements.
The interior design industry is progressing rapidly, and the acoustic characteristics of products have become an Important technical aspect in the design of new products. Currently, Interior design products are generally not well defined in terms of their acoustic characteristics, often leading to confusing and misleading product specifications and marketing materials. Further, it is often unclear how a product’s reported acoustic characteristics are to be applied to determine its acoustic Impact in a furnished room.
BS ISO 20189 is intended to clarify the acoustic characteristics, and their application, for various interior design products. This is accomplished by a standardized test methodology for the measurement of sound absorption, and defining when an interior product Is to he considered as a single object.
BS ISO 20189 is intended to facilitate the measurement and evaluation procedure for any interior product currently on the market. By using it, different interior design products can he compared to each other in an equal manner. Additionally, product acoustic characteristics evaluated according to this document can be applied for room acoustic modelling and calculations.BS ISO 20189:2018 pdf download

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