ISO 5178:2019 pdf download

ISO 5178:2019 pdf download.Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials Longitudinal tensile test on weld metal in fusion welded joints.
ISO 5178 specifies the sizes of test specimens and the test procedure for carrying out longitudinal tensile tests on cylindrical test specimens in order to determine the mechanical properties of weld metal in a fusion welded joint.
ISO 5178 applies to metallic materials in all forms of product with joints made by any fusion welding process, having joint sizes that are sufficient to obtain cylindrical test specimens with dimensions in accordance with Iso 6892-1.
Unless specified otherwise for specific points in this document, the general principles of ISO 6892-1 apply.
4 Symbols and abbreviated terms
The symbols and abbreviated terms to be used for the longitudinal tensile tests shall be as specified in ISO 6892-1.
5 Principle
An increasing tensile load is continuously applied until rupture occurs in a cylindrical test specimen taken longitudinally from the weld metal in a welded joint.
The test shall be carried out at room temperature between 10 °C and 35 °C, unless otherwise specified. Tests carried out under controlled conditions shall be made at a temperature of 23 °C ± 5°C.
6 Removal of test specimens
6.1 Location
The test specimen shall be taken longitudinally from the welded joint of the manufactured product or from the test piece. After machining, the parallel length of the test specimen shall consist only of weld metal (see Figures 1 and 2).
To enable correct positioning of the test specimen in the joint, the joint cross-section at both ends of the test specimen can be macroetched.
6.2 Marking
Each test piece shall be marked in order to identify its exact location in the manufactured product or in the joint from which it has been removed.
Each test specimen shall be marked in order to identify its exact location in the test piece from which it has been taken.
When removed from the test piece, each test specimen shall be marked.ISO 5178:2019 pdf download

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