IEC 60034-6:1991 pdf download

IEC 60034-6:1991 pdf download.Rotating electrical machines Part 6 : Methods of cooling ( IC Code ).
In this edition of IEC 34-6, the sequence of numerals and letters following the Code letters IC is changed.
a) New designation system:
I) A numeral Is placed first. Indicating the cooling circuit arrangement, being valid for both primary and secondary circuits.
ii) Each circuit Is designated by a letter, indicating the coolant, followed by a numeral indicating the method of movement of the coolant.
iii) The letter and numeral for the primary coolant are placed tirsi, then those for the secondary coolant.
This edition also provides for the designation to be simplified, where possible, by the omission of the letter A and of the numeral 7 for movement of secondary coolant under certain conditions.
In addition, new (offers F, S. X and V are provided and defined; the previous letter E, indicating cooling by evaporation of a liquid, has been omitted.
With the introduction of the new designation system, clarifications are required to definitions of open and closed circuit cooling and of dependent and independent components (see clause 2).
The mode of connecting the supply and the delivery of the appropriate control equipment for circulation components, which were specified in the first edition are no longer taken Into account In this second edition.
Where the two systems differ, they can be distinguished both in the complete and the simplified code.
Examples of cooling according to the first and the second editions are compared in annex B.
2.16 Integral component: A component in the coolant circuit which Is built into the machine and which can only be replaced by partially dismantling the machine.
2.17 machIne-mounted component: A component In the coolant circuit which Is mounted on the machine and forms part of it but which can be replaced without disturbing the main machine.
2.18 separate component: A component In the coolant circuit which is associated with a machine but which is not mounted on or integral with the machine.
NOTE – This component may be located in the surrounding or a remote medium.
2.19 dependent circulation component: A component in the coolant circuit which for its operation is dependent on (linked with) the rotational speed of the rotor of the main machine, e.g. fan or pump on the shaft of the main machine or fan unit or pump unit driven by the main machine.IEC-60034-6-1991

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