ISO IEC 7811-6:2018 pdf download

ISO IEC 7811-6:2018 pdf download.Identification cards Recording technique Part 6 : Magnetic stripe : High coercivity.
ISO/IEC 7811 defines the characteristics for identification cards as defined in Clause 3 of this document and the use of such cards for international interchange.
ISO IEC 7811-6 specifies requirements for a high coercivity magnetic stripe (including any protective overlay) on an identification card, the encoding technique and coded character sets. It takes into consideration both human and machine aspects and states minimum requirements.
Coercivity influences many of the quantities specified in ISO IEC 7811-6 but is not itself specified. The main characteristic of the high coercivity magnetic stripe is its improved resistance to erasure. This is achieved with minimal probability of damage to other magnetic stripes by contact while retaining read compatibility with magnetic stripes as defined in ISO/IEC 7811-2.
ISO/IEC 7811 provides criteria to which cards are to perform. No consideration is given within ISO/ LEC 7811 to the amount of use, if any, experienced by the card prior to test. Failure to conform to specified criteria is negotiated between the involved parties.
ISO/IEC 10373-2 specifies the test procedures used to check cards against the parameters specified in this document.
A prerequisite for conformance with this document is conformance with ISO/IEC 7810. An identification card is in conformance with ISO IEC 7811-6 if it meets all mandatory requirements specified herein. Default values apply if no others are specified.
5 Physical characteristics of the identification card
5.1 General
The identification card shall conform to the specification given in ISO/IEC 7810.
WARNING — The attention of card issuers is drawn to the fact that information held on the magnetic stripe may be rendered ineffective through contamination by contact with dirt and certain commonly used chemicals including plasticizers. It should also be noted that any printing or screening placed on top of the magnetic stripe must not impair the function of the magnetic stripe.
If a raised signature panel area is located on the front or back of the card, then it shall be no closer to the top edge of the card than 19,05 mm (0.750 in).
NOTE Raised areas and distortions on other areas of the card can cause card transport problems with magnetic stripe processing equipment resulting in reading or writing errors.
6 Physical characteristics of the magnetic stripe
6.1 Height and surface profile of the magnetic stripe area
The magnetic stripe area is located on the back of the card as shown in Figure 2.
NOTE In the case of the magnetic stripe area used for track 1 and 2, the dimension a as shown in Figure 2 of the magnetic media could be less than the maximum dimension b as shown in Figure 12 for the location of track 2 data on the card. It is desirable that the magnetic stripe area extend beyond the limits of the encoded track.ISO-IEC-7811-6-2018

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